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One of the leading causes of people missing work or school is a chronic disease called asthma. It is a condition involving the lungs, where the bronchial tubes are narrowed due to being chronically inflamed and swollen. If you frequently find yourself gasping for breath and coughing, you may be suffering from this chronic disease.

How can you be sure that you have asthma?

Coughing here and there, and gasping for breath from time to time isn't necessarily linked to any type of illness. Sometimes, a single symptom can be related to several disorders. The following is a list of the most common symptoms caused by asthma:

Having these symptoms frequently and persistently can interfere with your quality of sleep which can then lead to an overall poor quality of life. Of course, seeing an experienced specialist - such as one of the best ENT doctors in our Houston Ent & Allergy Clinic - is important in ruling out any other causes of your symptoms. Diagnosing yourself at home, especially with these types of vague symptoms, is imprecise and substantially dangerous.


Scientists have yet to discover the exact cause of asthma. It is thought to have been developed during childhood through the effect of genetics as well as environmental factors. Being born prematurely or by Caesarean or having a parent with asthma can increase the child's risk of developing this chronic disease. Also, Being exposed to tobacco smoke, living in areas with more pollution, and having allergies are all reasons that can increase the chances of having asthma. Furthermore, based on research and studies, young males are more likely to develop asthma than females, due to their smaller airways.


Unfortunately, there is no known cure for asthma at this point. However, there are many effective ways to treat and relieve its symptoms. The first step in treating your symptoms is getting a proper diagnosis from a reliable and experienced doctor. Upon visiting our Ent & Allergy Clinic Houston, one of our best ear, nose, and throat doctors will carefully examine you to see the source of your symptoms. If asthma is determined to be the cause, he or she will discuss your treatment options with you, based on your particular case. Some prescribed drugs include inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers, long-acting beta agonists and combination inhalers. Avoiding triggers altogether is the best way to avoid attacks, although taking your prescribed medications as directed is key in keeping asthma under control. If you think you might have asthma or anything related, schedule an appointment in Best ENT Clinic Houston to get a professional diagnosis and proper treatment with one of the best ENT doctors in Houston, by contacting us at 713-621-2556.
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