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Temporal Brow Lift


When we grow older, with the passage of time, our extra skins and fat bring down our eyelids weight. However, the overlying brows are problematic sometimes. Once the eyebrow falls below the forehead bones, some extra skin is generated, and hence our eyes are burdened with fat. This makes impossible for the eye to operate independently and also causes tiredness on the upper portion of the body. Most of the times, patients opt for going for the surgery. However, the brow lift technique is impressive and has become popular in modern days.


A temporal brow lift surgery corrects skin of the forehead sagging, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. Many people get one on top of that, and then they get cosmetic surgery for their nose or a facelift. If you want to look younger and can only choose one type of plastic surgery, a procedure dealing with the brows could be your best bet.


What is a Temporal Brow Lift?


As the name stated, temporal brow lift surgery is a surgery whereby your surgeon tightened the muscles around your face and removing skin or lifting to achieve his or her aim of adjusting the appearance of your brow. This surgery can turn to change your appearance for good and lift up your eyebrows despite how straightforward and easy the surgery is compared to other methods.


During the surgery technology like the endoscope are used and a thin optic tube with a camera with other needed precision instruments are used to perform the surgery. The benefit of the endoscopic option would be the fact that there is no scarring. Remember that if your forehead and brows sag a lot, you may not be a candidate for this procedure might not be for you. The process is fast, and many successful surgeries are using this procedure which makes it extremely attractive.


Temporal Brow Lift Surgery Recovery Time


Initial wound healing usually takes 10 to fourteen days. Sutures or clips are supposed to be removed as soon as it is appropriate. You ought to be ready to go back to work and normal activity after two weeks.


Pros and cons of temporal brow lift surgery


One of the best benefits of choosing Temporal Brow Lift is that it is very convenient and quick not likes other methods. The procedure’s quick recovery time is also a benefit, and you ought to be ready to go back to work and normal activity after two weeks with a new look.


What can be achieved regarding this surgery is very limited and this is one of the downsides. Because the surgery is only carried out in the temple area, the eyebrows are lifted only from one end; which sometimes gives what some patient might not be looking for.


Choosing a temporal brow lift provides a natural look with minimal scarring and recovery time. With this procedure, there are fewer risks, as well as less bleeding, swelling, and hair loss. Your forehead will be smoothed out and your eyebrows less droopy with this popular procedure.

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