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The technical name for a facelift is “Rhytidectomy.” In this surgical procedure, excess face and neck skin are removed and the tissues under the skin are tightened. Activities such as smoking, sunbathing, outdoor activities, and stress can alter the appearance of the face. Additionally, as we age deep creases may form between the nose and mouth, the jaw line may from slack and sag, and fold and fat deposits may appear around the neck. A face lift can reduce these signs of aging, resulting in firmer, fresher appearance.


Every living organism on the planet is mortal, and thus each goes through its share of the aging process. Inevitably, it is part and parcel of life. Harsh climatic condition and hostile nature of the environment perennially cause irreversible damage to our skin especially our face. In a way, our face involuntarily and constantly bears the brunt of wear and tear and the dilemma of receding youth and fading beauty.


At the turn of the twenty-first century, Rhytidectomy or face lift surgery has emerged as the most widely performed surgical procedure to reduce facial wrinkles and eliminate telltale signs of aging. The face lift cosmetic (Rhytidectomy) procedure is the sixth most popular plastic surgery procedure performed each year with the majority of patients being women obviously, which is understandable since women are judged on appearance more than men.


The procedure aims to restore a younger appearance to your face by removing age-related blemishes. A person’s motivations for surgery will invariably revolve around looking better and feeling self-confident. It is understood that you cannot stop the aging process, but with Rhytidectomy you will be able to take care of your eye bags, slack skin, jowls, and wrinkles which may end up extending to your neck.


Your candidature for the procedure is to be decided by the cosmetic surgeon and will depend upon factors such as your age, previous medical history, smoking habits, the extent of surgery required, and body weight. The surgeon will check your face and underlying tissue and bone for amenability to a procedure. The surgeon will understand the skin’s ability to heal quickly and form scar tissue.


What can a Rhytidectomy do for you?


A facelift will only restore you to a younger version and will not change your basic appearance, but you might then experience aging over the over the time. A Rhytidectomy will help to reduce loose skin, jowls and a turkey wattle in the neck. The procedure is highly individualized and should be considered for your reasons, not the desire of others.


Are the benefits of face-lift surgery long-lasting?


To rejuvenate your appearance by minimizing sun damage or photo-aging, lifelong sun protection will be perfect. To also help extend the results of the surgery and give you a more youthful appearance you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Many people that have undergone Rhytidectomy show that their initial facelift results are long-lasting, and even as they grow old.


Face Lift Surgery Recovery:


Patients usually recover surprisingly quickly after a face lift. There is usually very little pain even as the operation is a large one. Within a few days, both the swelling and bruises will disappear. After the surgery, some patients will feel a sense of numbness and tightness that should return to normal in some weeks.


It must be understood that rhytidectomy is a quick and efficient surgical procedure to reduce facial wrinkles and mask the flaws of the face. It should not be mistaken as a remedy to stop the aging process. Many men and women have resorted to this surgical intervention to attain a natural and aesthetically appealing look. It is best to seek treatment from reputable plastic surgeons that have important years of experience in the field.

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